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ABOUT - Certified Tantra Coach & Registered Nurse

I'm Dominique D'Vita

My mission is to help you live life fully from a place of magic,

love, and abundance.

As a Registered Nurse & Certified Transformational Tantra coach, I'm a healer.

Labels aside, I save and transform lives.

I believe that by blending science and spirituality, we can better understand our bodies, respect ourselves, and deepen our connections with our partners.

That's why I use a holistic approach in coaching to focus on harnessing the power of your body to master self-love.  Ultimately, this self-love leads us to experience the pure bliss of soulful, connected love.  

P.S.  All Tantra coaching is 100% confidential.  As a nurse for decades, I am hip to HIPPA and won't share your information.  Your secrets are safe with me.  

Basically, I'm the coach who teaches you how to

get off the best while getting the most out of life. 



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